Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Undying by Games Workshop

Well, apparently some rumor mill flying around that Games Workshop is doing some price increases for Finecast while doing some price reductions or something along those lines.

Me? This is an old metal figure. While I too think that some of What Games Workshop produces is overpriced, I love a lot of their Lord of the Rings figures, especially their Wraiths. I have a few of them and would like to purchase more in the future.

These guys were done up for the most part with Andrea's black mix set. It's six black variants. Good stuff.

The base on the horse is an old Secret Weapon. It's way too tall. It's like 3mm when most are like 2mm. Now I now that doesn't sound like a lot but on this scale, it's enormous. But since I'm not actually palying with them in tournaments or anything and its for RPG purposes only...

A few Bones from Reaper on order along with the Heavy Gear paint set from The Miniature Giant as well as some new molds from Happy Suppuku. Next week should be good times for painting! Still looking forward to seeing the Army Painter's boxed set but think I'll have to pass on the Games Workshop one unless someone wants to donate the cash for it.

Bueller? Bueller?

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