Friday, March 30, 2012

Picture Preference?

While I'm messing around with photos, does anyone have a preference for how I post them? Multiple posts? One post showing the different stages? One post period with just the finished product? Bueller?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ogre Maneater Arabian Final Paint Layer

Alright, he's not quite done in that I'm going to touch up the base and where ever I see some white poking through the paint but for the most part, he's done. Still took way too long. Hard to say what the final painting time on him was because of waiting for the inks on the various weapons to dry.

Now onto the next one!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maneater Layer three

Okay, the third layer done. Next time it'll be the final. I'll probably pop a layer or two more on the red and black boots and start with the inks and washes. Bad thing about the inks thought is they take a lot longer to dry than the washes. Might to time to think of what the next figure is going to be.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Maneater Layer Two

Alrighty, this is layer two. Well, mostly layer two. On the boots I didn't do anything and the skin is actually like layer 1 and 1 half as I put down too much paint thanks to poor control and did a quick mix of layer 2 and layer 3.

Another layer and a few washes and inks and I'll consider him done.

For the curious, the inks will go onto the metallics, the washes over pretty much everything else.

Using Andrea Paints, Reaper HD Paints for the most part here.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ogre Kingdoms Maneater

One of my favorite sites to look at for miniatures, both in terms of skill and speed, is Four Color Figures. It seems one of the ways he handles such a large volume is having a good idea of what colors and paints he's going to use ahead of time. So tonight I had this bad boy, another maneater for my Ogre Kingdoms army (that I've never played boo!) and threw on the first layer.

I have to go to bed or otherwise I'd pop a few more layers on him but first layering done in about 40 minutes. Not bad in that it took me probably as much time to find the paint I wanted to use as to actually pop it up on the sucker.

Red Box Berserk Dwarf

Man, cameras let you see everything including all the little bits of grass that kept moving around the figure every time I moved him. He's one of the dwarfs or dvergr from Red Box Games. While he is one of my favorites in that line, he's also out of print or discontinued. Shame as he's one of the more interesting ones in my opinion. He has a ton of stuff on his backside. Basing is simple Gale Force 9.

Ogre Kingdoms and a Few Reapers

Six grunts and four of the two handed weapon weilded along with that giant scorpion and a knight that I based on a square and painted up in Warlord Crusdader colors.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Matter of Paint

So I just finished my latest batch of ogres. I'll take some pics of them and the giant scorpion that I was working on at the same time.

In between that, I tried to organize my painting area. That did not end well. I did not realize the huge amount of material I was keeping in the window. Probably not the best place for some of it, but the binds were always down.

Anyway, I bought a small shelf and took all of that stuff out of the window. As I organized other stuff that I wanted to move around, I couldn't help but notice that I have a lot of paint.

But... and here's the weird part, I'm still curious as to what's coming out from some of the companies. Reaper miniatures has a thing going on with Heavy Gear to produce a paint set specific to that miniature game. The Army Painter is coming out with their own line of paints. Well, that's not true. They already have one, but its getting a boxed set and they claim that they use different sources for the washes, metallics, and base colors to insure that its the highest possible quality.

And if you hadn't heard, Games Workshop is also redoing their paint line. This doesn't count minor changes to things like Privateer Press metals where they now have a black lid to indicate that its the new formula or brands that blogs like Four Color Figures use, Foundry, or Coat De Arms, which is the old Citadel range.

In terms of paint being used though, it goes something like, knocking over an open bottle, having paint dry up, having paint chunk up, and finally, all the way at the bottom, actually using the paint. I think Chaos Black and general Black are a few of the paints I regularly use up.

So that's me rambling about paint. What's everyone else's thoughts? Too much paint out there already? Not enough paint? Too much 'official' in the game or ?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Minis In Process

Haven't finished them yet and discovered something 'interesting'. The primer that I initially used was flaky and thirsty. It ate the first three layers of paint I put down. The metallics look like they've only had one layer as opposed to three of them (traditional bolt, chain and silver). Oh well, I'm hoping that after I hit them with the inks it will help flush it out some more.

In the back is that giant scorpion. When I use the brown wash, he'll be getting hit with that, as well as some black in some small areas and then a little bit more of a build up. Also noticed that he's got a few broken spines on him. M'eh? Hated him anyway! Little bastard never fit on his base and was a PIA to put together.

Shadowsea Kickstarter

Just figured I'd pop in and mention the Shdaowsea Kickstarter.

I went with the $175 level. Because it's passed so many of the benchmarkers you get four sets instead of three, terrain, music, and some other goods. Looks like there's one more to go.