Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Look At Secret Weapon

The video is pretty self explanatory. I ordered the washes because I like the ones I have from Vallejo, Reaper, and Games Workshop as a nice 'cheat' and Secret Weapon has a lot of variety.

Malifaux Sorrows and Mega-Mini Warrior Woman Testing

Please let me know which one you think looks better. I'm testing out the different settings on the camera including macro and automatic in this case.

That is the macro.

That is the automatic.

I have the Neverborn Pandora set. My g/f hates miniatures, role playing and other assorted things for herself. She has no problem with me messing with it. However, she does love 'weird' figures like Baby Kade and Candy included in this set so I figure I'll get Pandora and the Sorrows and hell, maybe she'll even try it.

The Warrior Woman is another one from Mega-Mini's pack. She was done mostly with a base coat and a dip in Vallejo Sepia. The Sepia is pretty dark, probalby the equal to Army Painter Strong Tone, and like that Army Painter, does pool up, but not as bad. It also dries matt not shinny but doesn't protect so has to be sprayed down. The dip toned down the sword and leg piece so much I went back in with Mithril Silver to highlight it.

Both pictures were taken at the same time. Both had three lamps; an overhad and one on the left and one on the right.

Empire Rilfemen and Zombies For Sale

Getting too crowded with all of the new bases and washes I've recently bought so if anyone can afford $30 for 16 Empire Riflemen done up in the Nordland Colors.

Well finally finished off these suckers with army painter drip and basing materials including the grass... but since I'm not playing and need space and money...

20 zombies flocked and sealed ready for tabletop use for $50 including shipping with shipping confirmation US address only.

If anyone wants both I'll throw 'em in for $70

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Zombies with Army Painter Strong Tone

After the dip dries I'll throw some basing material on there and spary it down with some matt spray.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Fought off some lethargy to put down some base coats some on GW zombies.

I'm not too fond of these suckers but as I've painted them they've grown on me a little. Have to do a little more base coating then some touch ups then a dip then the basing and then the ant-shine then done.

and I'm missing one of the little bastards. 19 of 'em. I'll find the other one some day I'm sure. Ugh.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Khador and More

Sorry for the bad lighting. I'm going to have to play with the camera.

Some Khador metal heavy war machines, a stone giant from reaper an an abomination from magnficient egos, who I believe is no longer in business.

The Khador figs were hit with army primer red primer and given a single coat of their base colors then dipped and touched up where the primer was showing through the base colors.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Painting The Night Away

While I love the funds that working overtime can provide, I found that I put in hundreds of hours of overtime last year and it really didn't improve the quality of my life so this year, instead of going to bed at 9:00 PM every Friday on a regular weekend day or 7:00 PM because I started at 4:30 AM, I figure, I'm going to try to hold down the crazy spending (not all the spending, just the crazy spending) and try to work that overtime only when I have to.

The Khador soldiers in front still just have the basic red Army Painter Primer. The ones in back have got some of the shading I'm working on to try and follow the Khador Army book for getting that 'Khador' red. It's supposed to take something like 14 layers of inking so we'll see how long my patience puts up with that nonsense.

The ones in front will get a quick dip in the Army Painter Strong Tone soon and that will be that for them. Well, I'll throw some basing material on them too and touch up the base, etc... but I don't anticipate any big issues.

If you look to the right of the photo, you'll see I'm still working on that stone giant from my earlier updates this year. He's a pretty good figure and I'm pleased with the way he's turning out so far.

The rest of the stuff is a mismatch of various bits and pieces I'm working on, all at the same time. When it comes to painting I'm afraid I've got really bad ADD because I hate to waste paint and I like the 'shinny'.

As you may be able to tell from my desk, I don't have a single favorite paint but use a lot of varieites. Despite the awesome things I keep hearing about P3, I'll tell you this, I'm using Reaper Master Bronze because my P3 bonze, like the Pig Iron (boltgun metal) I had before it, turned to gunk. Sure, I could post on Privateer Press line and get some more, but it's already the second bottle I've had and to be hoenst, most of the P3 metallics, in my experience, are terrible. Maybe it's because I've gotten bad batches or its old or I need to periodically open them up and check them when I'm not using them all the time but I consider it a lesson learned.

The rest of their paint line is pretty good and for a 'fantasy' range, I like their mercenary colors for 'realistic' style painting.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Red Rum! (Red Primer?)

A couple of quick shots from my new phone. These are some battle boxes for Khador from Privateer Press that have been hit up with the Army Painter red primer. These include the original metal and the new plastics as well as that demon from previous pics. The metal figures are smaller, but have larger heads and more detail. Still, I like the plastic ones because they have more sense of presence. At least for this boxed set.

That demon is from Heresy miniatures and I wanted to make him with the bone scythe but there were many gaps in assembling him and if not for Green Stuff, I would've broke him down into parts.

This batch... I'll probably do the old metals with Army Painter dip after I lay down the base colors and use the demon to test the red effect I'll be going for on the plastics.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Miniatures but Related Purchases

Had to see my doctor so figured I'd stop by games Plus again.

The Army Painter cans are barbarian flesh and matt black. I'm always running out of the latter as it is one of my default choices. The barbarian flesh is for some Avatar of War plastic slayers I haven't opened yet but intend to later on this year. The basing material is a simple one but I like the coloration.

On the 'second row' if you will is Vallejo's answer to Games Workshops liquid green stuff. That is pretty cool so I figured I'd see what the competition is doing.

The bases are 40mm armorcast slate. Its a very detailed set and I'll probably be buying more basing material from them.

Lastly, silver, old gold, and white gold vallejo metallic alcohol based paints. I've heard a few good things about them and figured I'd try them out. Alas Games Plus did not have the other gold colors I was looking for but I've heard it's not difficult to shade these with regular washes and inks so that's good news.

Anyone out there pick up anything cool or different?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's All In The Prep

While I'm not a fan of the way Games Workshop is going overall, sometimes they make some products well worth the cost. Here, the boxed set innards of the Demon Prince, which goes for something like $33 a pop. Strangely enough, a resin Ogre character, with no extras, no sprue material, etc... goes for $38. Ugh. The stupdity. I can smell it through the internets.

Lots of pieces here. There are at least three distinct ways you can make this bad boy.

Okay, the guy on the left is a Reaper Stone Giant. The guy in the middle is the demon assembled. The green stuff is liquid green stuff. It's.... interesting. If you have large gaps, I think you're better off working with standard green stuff. You can't tell from this picture but that stone gian'ts left arm on the rear needed a huge chunk of green stuff. The little guy is a demonic champion from Heresy. Have to wait for the base material to dry, do some sanding on the green stuff, and then prime away! The stone giant should be a super quick finish while I suspect that the demon prince may take a little longer and the little guy I still have to put together. The bases are all done with Happy Suppuku by the way.

Anyone else doing any assembly of projects or other good stuff? I know that Dread Fleet by Games Workshop is consuming a lot of people's time.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Miniatures of 2012

Another year of crappy pictures. Lighting was good but maybe I need to work on my Macro understanding. Anyway, these are two figures I bought many moons ago when I was going to run some Freeport. They are true 25mm so like like some halfling version of serpent men when sized up to the new figs. I also don't remember the name of the company that makes them.

A skaven slave, I think from the Mordenheim range from Games Workshop. He was about 90% done. I finished off those few parts there were not and threw some basing material on him.

Ah, Red Box Games. They make some 'evil' barbarians that would fit in perfect with a Games Workshop Chaos Marauder army. The base is done with Happy Supukku Broken Earth or Ice base. I'm fairly happy with how this one came out despite the horrible, horrible picture.

Back side shot. Also terrible. Ugh. New Year I'll have to start doing more camera work.


Red Box: 1
Games Workshop: 1
Unknown Company: 2

Off to a good start already.

First Miniature Based Purchases of 2012

So I've already spent some money on the hobby at my 'local' hobby shop, Games Plus. On the left we have some 25mm cobblestone square bases by Micro Art Studio. They have a lot of great bases and conversion bits. I'm not going to use these for my initial plans though. I wanted something to match the Heresy bases I've used on the Black Legion but while these are good, they are too peebly for my needs.

I also picked up a resin cleaning kit from the evil empire. The price wasn't too bad. The brush is longer than the standard other tooth brush in terms of the bristles and the mold cleaning tool has a very solid feel making it easy to use.

Not pictured is the new No Quarter, #39 by Privateer Press as well as the 'Eavy Metal Masterclass book by the evil empire again. It's a compendium of material from White Dwarf magazine but it's all in one place and is an easy reference when you want to see how they did a particular figure.

I suspect with Secret Weapon having a Facebook coupon, I wll be buying their washes soon. I like to support smaller companies when possible.

Anyone else start the year off with some miniature goodness?