Monday, October 26, 2009

Yet More Varied Figures

I like what Mike did with the independent shots but they all came out super blury so they got grouped. This one still came out blury. The one on the left is Sister Angelique from the Anima Tactics miniature Game light starter set. The right is from Mega Miniatures and is a chaos warrior.

Okay, here's the next batch. The first one is Goran of Broadsword Adventurers. Next up is a Hasselfree Chaos Dwarf from an import line. It reminds me of the old Renegade Chaos Dwarves. Man, I'd love to have those again. Can't even tell you what I did with my originals. Next up is an 'able seamen' from Black Scorpion. Last up is a barbarian from Red Box that I reviewed for Kobold Quarterly online. Ullr the Red's tab was way too big so I snipped him and put him on a snow base.

And the last batch is three Iron Winds figures. We've got three figures from well before the start of the year that I finally finished. THe first is a dwarf barbarian that I've had in various stages of completion that I said F it and just finished it. The second is a litorian female for Arcana Evolved that I thought was one of the worst miniatures I've seen. The last is a female rogue who I guess is supposed to be the thief of hearts or something.

Ral Partha/Iron Wind Figs

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Harvest

As it turns out, I painted a few minis over the summer but didn't have the chance to post them here. I couldn't find the camara! Anyway, here's what I've been up to:

This first piece is Tordek, the iconic dwarf fighter. I bought this mini at GenCon 2000, when 3e was first released. I had no idea that WotC planned a 3e minis line until I saw the figures for sale at their GenCon booth. It took 9 years, but I'm happy with how this guy came out.

From Miniatures

This fella is an orc from the WotC 25th Anniversary line. Not a bad fig, but I kind of hate the colors I used.

From Miniatures

I think this figure was originally a Heartbreaker mini from the mid-1990s, but I bought it when it was re-released by a company called ZN Miniatures back in 2003 or so.

From Miniatures

I have very few halfling minis painted, so I've decided to remedy that. This guy is a Reaper figure that I picked up at GenCon this year.

From Miniatures

Here's a figure from the vaults, a TSR figure from about 1983 or so. I've been on a little bit of a kick with old figures lately.

From Miniatures

This is a werebear from the Chainmail line.

From Miniatures

An ogre delver from the Chainmail line. One of the things I liked about Chainmail was that it had a lot of interesting takes on classic D&D monsters. An ogre ranger with two axes is pretty cool.

From Miniatures

A slaughterpit gnoll zombie from the Chainmail line, basically two zombified gnolls sewn together into a super zombie.

From Miniatures

Another product of my nostalgia kick. About 20 years ago, this figure was one of the first minis I ever painted. I picked up another copy and did a new paint job, using the same color scheme. When a big box of my old gaming stuff arrives from New England, I'll do a side-by-side comparison of my original work and this guy.

From Miniatures

A mob of Chainmail goblins, because you can never have enough of the little guys.

From Miniatures

A human barbarian from the WotC 3e minis line.

From Miniatures

Regdar, the iconic human fighter. Another mini from the 3e WotC minis line.

From Miniatures

Not the clearest photo, but this guy is the minotaur from the Silver Anniversary line.

From Miniatures

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Miscellanea

OKay, the pig faced orcs and the goat headed beastmen are part of a mega miniature pack. The guy with the huge scimitar is a Warlord by Reaper figures that leads the mercenaries. The dark elf is from Ral Partha, I believe part of their Crucible line. The savage orc on the big pig is Games Workshop.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October: Crankin' them out!

Genie from Reaper. Love this sculpt!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reaper, Ral Partha and one Mega Mini

The skeletons are Ral Partha. The 'stone' is crumbled cork. Half of the 12 are primed Ivory and given a single layer and then a dip. The other half are primed black and drybrushed ivory and given a dip. I dipped both because it acts as a nice sealant.
The 'hero' on the left is a Reaper figure. Another one of my friends who didn't pay so it got a single layer and a dip.
The one on the right is a Mega Mini figure that I used to own many moons ago and decided to paint this one up as a Khorne worhsipper with the red and all that. The base is one of the Mega Mini bases.
More to come soon.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hi, sportsfans!

I bet you all thought I forgot, didn't you!

Ok, I did. But not entirely, haha! I might as well dive right in. Actually, first I'll make the excuse that I have been painting, just haven't finished anything. Soon though, soooooooon.

Alright, and our scores for September are:

joegkushner 2
and latecomer Dom C puts 3 on the board.

Which brings the totals to:
joegkushner: 133
gospog: 42
mike mearls: 30
crowtales: 17
joe: 11
Dom C: 3
Kuni: 2
microserf: 1

Well, that's it folks. We're into the final quarter, it's 15 minutes left, time to let it all hang out.