Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reaper, Grenadier, Ral Partha

First up is a four pack from Reaper miniatures featuring the Black Legion. I hate brocoli bases so trimmed them off. Huge pain in the ass here. I have a new product called Instant Mold that I snagged from Coolminornot. You can use it to make impressions of surface details pretty easily so I had a resin table from Dwarven Forged laying around and used that to make the floor that the Legion members stand on. It's still a new process for me so the thickness of the wood planking varies from figure to figure.

I painted these the super lazy way. An 'iron' spray from Army Painter. A medium black for the tunics and gloves. Some brown for the hafts and floor and a dip in Dark Toner. Shake 'em off and let 'em sit. While I was bumming I did do a few touch ups of GW Mithril Silver though. But seriously, outside of some pooling on the floor, super quick job that I'm okay with.

Next up... The minotaur is a Ral Partha. The two in front of it are old school Grenadier figures. I've had them for many years and like many other things lately, decided to just finish the damn things.

Alternative shot.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Next Round of Updates

Work has been very busy. And there has been bad things on the home life side of things too. I've still managed to get some painting in, but it's been pretty slow still.

Onto the finished works. My apologies on the lack of quality on the camera shots. Still can't take a photo to save my life.

I think the one on the left is a wood elf from Games Workshop. It's a metal figure. Had it laying around for a long long time. The one on the right is a steam golem from Mage Knight that I gave a repaint to. The main purpose there was to test some liquetext sand on the base. M'eh.

Okay... left side is a wood chooper from Reaper's Warlord for their first orc faction. Second one is a cultist from the Superfigs line. I had others and painted them up in red to represent monks from the Scarlet Brotherhood. The third figure is the Queen's Assassin from some company that's out of business I believe. The fourth is easter mouse for the g/f. He is on a wooden disk I bought from Michael's when I bought the liqutex.

Guy on the left is an Empire Plastic Gunner. I gave him a dip of Army Painter Strong tone. Don't know why as almost all the others I gave a Soft Tone due to the yellow. Ah well. The guy on the right is a metal armored archer, also for the Empire, but I don't think they've made any of him for a long time.

The classic lizard man pack from Reaper. I gave it a spray with some Flames of War color, some quick paint and slapped it into the Army Painter Strong tone. Base had some of that tuft Army Painter stuff on it. Simple but I think effective. I can see how people can quickly pump some armies out with fair detail with this method.

This is from Fantasy Flight Games. The base I think is Micro Art Studio. They do some good work. The tuffs are once again Army Painter.

This is an ogress. First done by Crocodile Games and then by Reaper. Given base tones and brush on with the Army Painter Strong Tone. I have two of 'em so I figured I'd paint one the quick way just so I can put it on the table.

13 figs this go around with the previous 29 bring's me on up to 42.

Hope to see some more postings from the other bloggers here. Some great talent out there I need to steal... I mean, be inspired by...