Sunday, April 8, 2012

Red Box Dverg Warrior

Red Box Games is the specialty shop of Tre Manor, a sculptor for Reaper. These are his own line and while there is some mix and match compatibility, especially among some of the goblins and barbarians, his style really peaks out in his own line.

For example, this guy? His beard has multiple bands, each one with a stud. He has a horn and I'm assuming a scroll case. His cloak is clasped by symbol etched disks. The back of his hand has runes on it.  He's a very busy dwarf. The base is I think a Scribor or perhaps Micro Art studio.

Anway, he's another one I've had out and messed with for a long long time. Got tired of it and finished him off today. I tried something different with the face. The whole red nose and checks thing isn't my usual bit so let me know if it works out here eh?

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