Sunday, September 4, 2011

Another Batch of Miniatures

Man, I see that there are followers on the old blog here, but am I the only one still actively posting these days? Sorry for the lack of white background or anything but with the way things are heading here, I figure fire and forget right? In the back row, we have the Reaper dragonmen set. I picked it up at Gen Con and got the freebie code. Good deal there. That guy in the back is on a small integral base and I threw him on a 25 x 25 and it's still too small.

Next row, from left to right: Plastic Empire guy with cannonball. He's from one of the old boxed sets from many moons ago. One Ral Partha, scarecrow. Two ladies from the Mega Mini line. Another Ral Partha Scarecrow and a Reaper spellcaster.

Next row, a Rafm skeleton, a reaper orc, who I painted dark green before decided that with the others I'd go black as I already posted, and a tiger of drizt from confrontation. I've had him since the figures were metal, before the plastic and before the collapse.

Last guy up front is one of the ringwraiths from the Lord of the Rings miniature wargame.

So enough about me, let's see some of the other figs out ther eh?