Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reaper Ava - Fire Sorceress (#9)

I was so happy to get done with this one I had to post her without letting her dry enough to try and get her off the cork.

Chainmail Orc + Iron Wind Fighter

Okay, managed to snag two decent pictures. These guys are both new for 09'. The orc has a new spear head because the old one broke a long time ago. He just kinda happened. I was like, "let me try this foundation orc shade. Well, let's throw some dark angel green. How about some goblin green? A wash of green?" And done. The fighter was another one of those old figures I'd had laying around for years and decided to just finish him off.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pirates of Umbar and an Ogre!

I have two more but all of the pics I have came out so blury that I couldn't post them here. The pirates number 24. They are from Games Workshop for the Lord of the Rings game. They are all plastic. They're from 08' and have just been finished. Unfortunately, the Freeport campaign I was going to run via 3.5 long ago is long dead and thus, they will probably wind up on the ole e-bay.
The ogre is from the company that does the miniature game Broadsword adventures. I despise the base. It's too thick to easily cut off and not wide enough to allow the ogre to easily stand. If I wind up using him for game play, he's definately either getting cut off this or this base is getting glued onto another base. Sadly, as blurry as that picture is, it's about ten times better than the pics of the armored Ral Partha knight and Chainmail orc I have. Ah well, soon enough.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Yes, I am actually still painting, just haven't finished anything in a bit. Here's a couple of shots from my table.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Doctor Zug, Orc Dentist

A character for the Savage DragonMech game. Doctor Zug...orc dentist!

The Lady Of Bones

An NPC villain for my upcoming Savage DragonMech game.

My camera died, this time for good. So the "spare camera" does not take great pictures. We'll hopefully have a replacement soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Five Quick and Easy Minis

From Miniatures

These four guys are from FASA's Crucible miniatures game. I found them dirt cheap at American Eagles, a weird hobby store in Seattle that stopped stocking new game stuff over 10 years ago. The store is massive, so they've slowly been going through a big game inventory. If you ever wanted a trip back to 1997 in gaming, check them out.

These minis were very easy to paint. Base coat, wash, a few highlights, and that's it.

From Miniatures

This gargoyle from Otherworld Miniatures was also easy to paint, with a gray base coat, wash, and highlights, plus a few detail bits here and there. I have a bunch of hobgoblins from Otherworld that I want to paint, and that might be my next big project.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


March saw some of us slow down ... though Mearls did increase his pace. We also welcome Kuni to the board. Congrats to joegkushner for reaching 52 this month, what he'll do for the next 9 months, I dunno. :)

March tally:
joegkushner: 10
gospog: 4
joe: 1
mike mearls: 9
Kuni: 2

Thus the totals so far are =
joegkushner: 58
gospog: 16
crowtales: 10
mike mearls: 18
joe: 8
Kuni: 2
microserf: 1