Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mega-Minis and Rogue

Okay, these are the last of the bad boys from the initial pack of 25. I bought the bases that go with them so that they would line up better and be easier to move on a grid and have a little more weight. All of these have been done with bone primer (Army Painter), one layer of paint (in 99% of the cases), and the Army Painter Very Strong dip. I like the fact that the pack comes with a lot of grunts, archers, the 'lead' types for army gamers (standard bearer, musician, and champion) as well as some irregulars.

Next up is a rogue. He should look familiar because he's already been painted once by me. I accidentally ordered him twice when Hasslefree was asking for orders but as it's a solid rogue figure, I kept it and painted him up a different manner with a different base.

Friday, July 10, 2009

More Updates: Mega-Mini-Skeletons, Chainmail Orc and Reaper Rogue

Okay, let's see.... The one of the left is the 'new' one that I finished sometime last month. He's one layer and a dip as opposed to the one next to him. The dip is why he's so glossy. Note that like the one next to him, the spearhead broke off so I had to bust into my GW bits, cut the head off of a skeleton spear, hollow it out and glue it on.
Mega-Minis strikes again. This first batch is skeleton archers. One layer and a dip.

Reaper miniatures. Very disatisfied with the way this guy came out. Don't know why either just annoys me. Still, I enjoy the base and his stance was 'nature' enough to clip him off his original base and put him on a Wyrd base coming out of the sewers.

Can I get some Axemen here? Four more Mega-Minis (it was a 24 pack) and they are single layer, dip, and done. I put more effort into the base (two drybrushes on the sand after the dip.)

Skeleton Irregulars for the army? Man, the undead from Mega-Mini can't keep in regular line up anymore! I like these guys as they stand out a little from the others.

And yeah, all of them were done last month. I have a new light box but same old camera. For a half hour I forgot about the macro setting on the camera and everything was coming out terrible. Then something clicked and I said... "Oh yeah, macro setting!"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Warlord Skeletons

These are not started from 08' but have been finished over a month. I just haven't had the time to go in and do the camera work. I've got numerous other figs that are in need of updating. Annoyingly, these are done up in some odd four layers of bone color but the next batch is one color (mostly bone primer) with a dip. (Mega Minis part 2 with metal square bases coming soon.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Oh, am I ever a sad sad Panda. The totals for the month of June are not good. And that's just my total I'm talking about. While two folks got their acts together this month, there was very little else going on. One can almost hear the sound of crickets. -_-

June's tally:
mike mearls: 7
crowtales: 7

Totals on the leaderboard so far are =
joegkushner: 86
mike mearls: 30
gospog: 24
crowtales: 17
joe: 11
Kuni: 2
microserf: 1

I wonder, is the weather on the Right Coast affecting folks ability to paint? I would think we'd all be inside on these rainy days. :)