Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prepping the Next Batch

I have a lot of miniatures. I'm always buying more. Part of it is because I like the appearance of them or get a good sale or gifts. One of the things I've been trying to do, unsuccessfully to a point, is cut back on actual miniature purchases. While I'm still picking up brushes, paints, bases, textures, and other bits I'm trying to hold back on new minis.

This has been difficult for me. You see, I love a good looking miniature. While I don't play Vampire Counts, some of the new figures for the range have been fantastic. Really good stuff like the new Krell figure. It inspired me though to get out my old unpainted Liche Master and Nagosh and see if I can throw some paint on them. Avatars of War also has some great stuff up and coming and it requires a little will power to refrain from it.

But in the meanwhile, I still have a ton of unpainted plastic, resin, and lead around so I'm not suffering too much.

The ogres are part of a battle box I bought many moons ago. After I primed them, I noticed some mold lines so went back in. What's worse though is it is really bad primer. If they weren't plastic I might dip them.

The scorpion is for a Reaper miniatures Warlord faction. I hate it. It's not that it is a bad model, but the back legs are separate and the two sets in front of it, and the tail require a bit of patience and glue and as I've mentioned before, I am a bit of a clumsy oaf so glue on the fingers a few times tonight.

To the far right, you might notice a piece of cork with a shield in it. That's for my 3rd Griffin Knight that I've had almost finished for... I want to say three years? The drive to finish him off died when Confrontation went from an awesome skirmish game to some prepainted plastic crap but since I'm now trying to actually finish off some models....

The two red women are the same model from different time periods. One is the old metal model, the other the new plastic. Both hit up at the same time as the other Khador forces. I finished the others first because they were larger and I was able to hit large plates at a time. These two will require a bit more finesse and so take longer and don't hold my interest as much.

So what is everyone else working on? Anyone hold backing on purchases? Anyone wanting to pick up some limited edition goods but holding back? Everyone in overtime mode?


  1. I managed to paint 5 miniatures in January before graduate school curtailed my efforts.


    But I've got an Empire Steam Tank (an old metal one) in the works, among other things.

    Keep posting your pictures. They give me inspiration to complete my own projects. Thanks!

  2. How was that old tank to put together

  3. I bought the metal steam tank right before GW changed them to plastic. So it's a big hung of metal when put together.

    My biggest problem was putting together the back wheel assembly. With one wheel, I didn't have much difficulty, because it basically attached to the steam engine in the rear. The other wheel, however, didn't. It attached to a "pump-like thing" that would turn the axl (if it where real). And that required some special alignment. But, it kept falling off. So I resorted to pins and greenstuff mixed with superglue. That seems to work, for now.

    When I'm finished painting the steam tank, I will put it on a wooden base. Since that back wheel assembly still makes me a little nervous, I'm going to reinforce it with a run-over chaos warrior or orc beneath it.

  4. Great idea there for the reinforcement.