Thursday, February 23, 2012

More Miscellaneia: Grenadier, White Wolf, and Others

That's a Ral Partha Giant (Storm maybe) and a White Wolf figure. I didn't initially have the Trinity figure from White Wolf set up, but one of our regulars publishers a game called Blasters and Bulkheads, review here and I picked up the PDF and decided since I had a few sci-fi dudes sitting around anyway, might as well paint them up. I haven't gotten too far into the game, it seems like a good ole Space Opera with 'jedi' style characters as an option so I may be looking into that in the future more. Its main appeal to me is its skrimish level!

I included the White Wolf guy just for size reference in these pics. The musician orc here is from an old 3rd party company that was doing unofficial Warhammer fantasy style figures. I have a few of 'em around. The horn on this sucker was NEVER going to fit properly so I figure the orc is just getting his breath for another round.

The orc is not necessarily that tall, but damn is he beefy!

This is the dragon from the Dragons of the Emerald Idol Fantasy Lords set by Grenadier. I threw him on the other base that came with the daemon prince. I added the surface effects on his, and the Trinity figure, with a Happy Suppuku mold. I also threw on a few more skulls, a shield, and that big old cross.

The dragon didn't turn out too bad. I hated painting him though and probably will NOT be using him in a game. His wings are super heavy and I hate to green stuff them with a lot of material.

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