Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Terrible Photographs!

That's a group shot. There are two 'true' 25 mm figures there. The snake man on the far left front row and the gladiator on the far right right row.

These three are 'lesser' orcs from the Reven faction in Warlord. Basing is done with Army Painter Black Battlefield with some flock and ash thrown ontop of it.

Reven lesser bulls spearmen. Did them at the same time as the sword wielder.

True 25 mm snakeman priest. Don't even remember the company. He was in a state of 'almost done' for well over a year. Finally finished him off.

Female gladiator from Mega-Minis. Another true 25mm figure. Some great detail on the shield.

Drow warrior from the very short lived Chain Mail line from WoTC. You gotta hand it to WoTC, when the going gets tough, they quit. ;-)

Type 1 demon aka the Vrock from Otherworld miniatures.

As I continue to read Bulkheads and Blasters, a d6 based game that uses # of successes to determine if you make a roll and if you beat opposition who also uses d6, I'm still painting up figures that may be useful for such a setting. Thankfully some of the Superfigs can pull double duty in being useful for Mutants and Masterminds or another, in this case, minis game. As you might be able to tell from the group shot, he's also a rather large bastich!

So still messing around with the camera. If one of these pictures is the least offensive, let me know!


  1. Nice minis and paint work! Really liking your basing on those figures too. I think the Vrock's pic is the best one.

    Wish I had some wisdom to dispense on the photos--maybe too much light?

    Thanks for posting these!


  2. Thanks for the feedback. I have some pics of the vrock that are black almost. The super fig is spackle and the mega mini is sand with a new trick. I poured glue over the top after it initially dried