Monday, February 16, 2009

Mega-Mini Skeletons

This is an eight pack of skeletons from Mega-Miniatures. Once again, doing some testing on some washes with basecoats. I may touch up the bases a little but for practical purposes... they is done.


  1. How are the skeletons scale-wise? I've been tempted by Megaminis, but since I haven't seen any up close I'm worried that their tiny compared to modern 28 mm, particularly Reaper's stuff.

  2. They are true 25mm. If you want them to be more 'in scale', the Mega Mini guy sells some bases that actually fit right in the rounded bases. Makes them a little taller and the wider base makes them more... spacious?

    I'll snap another pic because I've got another sucker to post and he's a Chronopia fig and they was big even back in the day.

  3. Those look great, Joe!


    the round bases.