Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hey, the pics didn't come out too bad this time around. This is Ivan Helm Splitter, Barbarian Adventurer by J. Winters and is 1 piece. An old Iron Wind Metals I picked up for $2.50. Think I might just e-bay him. I've got a ton of barbarian adventurers and while it's not a bad fig, it's on the small side as it's Iron Wind and more along the 'true' 25mm than today's 'giants' of 28-30mm.

He's a newbie I started a few days ago and rushed through with some Reaper Master Paint on Skin Tones, Games Workshop on the Metallics, and some Reaper Pro Paint on the blacks (they have an awesome faded black.) Then dipped to bring it all together. Then based. Then hit in the eyes. Then sprayed with some protective seal.


  1. Ah yes. This is the fig that started it all for me. A result of a paint-n-take at Gen Con back in 2001. Good times.

  2. I've got a few from the old Paint and Takes too. It's a damn shame that the scale has changed so much. I guess I could have cliped him and put him on a 'bigger' base but that defeats the whole point of trying to do something 'quick'.