Sunday, February 15, 2009

Batter Up!

From Miniatures

I love miniatures with idiosyncratic weapons, armor, and other features. Particularly in D&D, an interesting look makes it easy to create interesting and distinctive backgrounds for NPCs.

This guy has a club that's taller than him, making him an ideal fighter/cleric of a god of strength or war. In fact, I still have on detail to add to this guy. I want to paint the symbol of the god of strength and warfare on his shoulder plate, but I don't have a good symbol in mind yet.

Whether he'll end up as a PC, an NPC, or a villain, I have no idea. I just like that enormous club!


  1. How is that hosting service?

    Do you use some type of glue on the pop sickle stick to give you a leverage point with the mini? I've done that with some 'yellow' tack I've found (as I've been uanble to find the infamous blue tack.)

  2. Picasa works pretty well. There's the occasional error when I upload a pic, but otherwise it's fairly easy.

    I use Elmer's glue to keep minis on those sticks. I seal the figure while it's still on, and then pop it off when it's done. IME, Elmer's is just strong enough to keep the figure in place, and just weak enough to come off easily.

  3. Joe, try a hardware store. Ask for fun tack or poster tack. Or ask for the blue sticky stuff for posters and they'll probably know what it is. Especially if you live near a college, they'll often have it.

    Mike, do you remember who the mini's manufacturer is? It looks like one of the Exalted line from Reaper a few years back.

  4. It's a Reaper.
    03231: Calbach Greatclub.
    A Bobby Jackson Sculpt.