Monday, March 1, 2010

Milliput part deux

So, I acquired some Milliput (the fine white) epoxy to test it out and found that it isn't nearly as sticky as say, Green Stuff. I was wondering if that was 1) normal and 2) whether I should have bought some of the other grades of Milliput. It also leaves a lot of white powder everywhere. Again, normal?

Thoughts from those that use it?


  1. Wet the tools you're using to shape it with water. This includes your fingers, which will end up FILTHY with the stuff.

    When it's dry, you will get some white powder. You'll get a heck of a lot more if you decide to sand it.

    Mix Milliput and green stuff to made harder weapons that will hold an edge and hold up to filing. It's the second best mix you can use for that.

    (the first is brown stuff mixed with Tamiya putty)

  2. Does the water make it stickier? Basically, I couldn't get the milliput to stick to the mini, it just seemed to want to come off every time I even came near it.

  3. Water will make it smoother and less sticky. Too much water will result in milky, milliput-juice. (yes, it is delicious)

    Milliput is best used as a filler (at least by me). For actual sculpting that will stick to a mini, you want Pro-Create, green stuff or a mix.

    If this is for a specific project, I'd be happy to help. We could find a good day for you to come down to The Lab. ;)

  4. I'm all for coming to the Lab. btw, what grade sand paper would you recommend for finishing milliput?

  5. Why don't you just mix it with GreenStuff? The two mix very well together and by changing proportions of these two you can control properties of the putty!


  6. That's actually what I ended up doing, but I still had to almost slather it on the mini, it was so unworkable. Once it set, though, it was very easy to sand it back down and into shape. Now that it is dry, I think it worked very nicely.

  7. While we're on the subject of green stuff: anyone else ever notice that green stuff has some serious "memory"?

    What I mean is that I was working with some GS last night, I'm molding it and shaping it and at some point it gets stuck to something. So I pull my tool free and of course cause a big old strand of the stuff to come free. I tried molding that strand back into the surface I was molding but try as I might, the strand ... kept ... coming ... -back-!

    Well, not completely, but I did end up with a little "pointer" on my surface this morning, this after flattening that area several times last night. I'll file it down, of course, but it was just wierd.