Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pirates of Umbar and an Ogre!

I have two more but all of the pics I have came out so blury that I couldn't post them here. The pirates number 24. They are from Games Workshop for the Lord of the Rings game. They are all plastic. They're from 08' and have just been finished. Unfortunately, the Freeport campaign I was going to run via 3.5 long ago is long dead and thus, they will probably wind up on the ole e-bay.
The ogre is from the company that does the miniature game Broadsword adventures. I despise the base. It's too thick to easily cut off and not wide enough to allow the ogre to easily stand. If I wind up using him for game play, he's definately either getting cut off this or this base is getting glued onto another base. Sadly, as blurry as that picture is, it's about ten times better than the pics of the armored Ral Partha knight and Chainmail orc I have. Ah well, soon enough.

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