Thursday, December 31, 2009

Should old acquaintances be forgotten...

Okay... the ogres, the last of my current batch of Ogre Kingdoms Bulls and Iron Guts from Games Workshop. The little guy on the far side of the Ogres is some nameless lacky from the Mordenheim tabletop game also by Games Workshop. For a buddy so it got one layer and a dip.

Elf with bow from megaminiatures.

Fighter with great sword and plate armor from Reaper miniatures.

Fighter with two blades is from Crocodile Games.

Weird looking machine skeleton is from Magnificent Egoes.

The guy with the big axe is from Privateer Press. Second time I've painted him.

The oozes are from Otherworld Miniatures.

The Hook Horror and Frog Demon are from Otherworld Miniatures as well.

And thus ends the painting of '09.

Or at least the finished painting of '09.


  1. Nice work, Joe! I really like the green slime and the demon.

  2. Several thin layers of gloss coat on the green slime. The demon frog I kept thinking of doing a white underbelly but I just wanted 'em done.

  3. I second the green slime love.