Wednesday, December 23, 2009

crowtales: 50-52 of 52

I feel like I'm phoning in the last three. I had reconciled to not reaching 52 because I'd run out of stuff that I was ready to paint. I have a ton of figs around that are waiting for a paint scheme to be finalized or are really complicated to put together still.

Then I remembered I still had some old Necrons for my now mostly abandoned army, and I decided to put those together and get them painted. Sadly, these are really simple, classic GW style. 3 colors and done. They are done to match the rest of my Necrons though. There's two more sitting on my work table, but I ran out of super glue and they are still not finished.

As a quick preview of what I'm working on next I used a series of Tyranid Spore Mines to start testing some color combinations. The light isn't great, but I've been inspired by a series of phenomenal drybrush and ink mini's I saw done, and I wanted to experiment. So I'm selecting my color palette for the next army to be tackled. These aren't counted towards any totals of mini's painted, but are simply a 3 dimensional color sampler.

All that said, I'm done. I did it. 52 mini's in 52 weeks.

That feels good.



  1. Way to go, man!

    Welcome to the elite 52 Club. ;)