Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Miscellania from Ral Partha to GW

These two are classic Ral Partha figures. The first is stage three of the old three stage cleric, the second is stage three of the old three stage magic user. I went for a lot of different whites on the wizard as its always reminded me of good old Gandalf. The cleric on the other hand, I painted to go with the old Crusaders from Reaper's Warlords game.
I mentioned before that I've done the block work on a lot of my ogres. Here's four more. I've got several more still in the pipeline in various stages, hopefully to be finished soon.
This guy looks goofy. He's actually quite huge though. Larger than the ogres above. He's glossy because I had to throw a coat or protection on him because the fur on the head keep coming off so I gave him a quick gloss coat. I'll spray him down latter though. I used a saw to take him off the original base and threw some cork under his foot and put him on a 'premium' rounded base.

Okay, dude on the far left is a Lance and Laser bandit I believe. Next up Kobold King I've had since that old Paizo adventure came out and finally decided to finish him. Next up some Dream Blade mini that I'm going to call a decadent naga, a creature whose flesh and bones warp due to the perversion of cannablism. Great loss of almost all magical ability but the creatures become brutes in combat! Lastly, another goat man, the one missing from my last batch. A ton more to go and lately I'm just trying to 'finish' em to get them off the painting table.


  1. sorry i don't post more, but i do love looking over your minis from time to time, and thanks for sharing! please consider a tripod (even a small one), and camera with a macro lense (or using it if you aren't already), or if your camera macro lenses sux (or doesn't have one), utilizing zoom + tripod + good lighting + a shutter cable or pls. put the shutter on timer so your depressing doesn't wreck the the shot. i don't mean to sound like an asshole, just want to see some better shots (unlike your first here for example)... You might want to experiment with some dark or mid-range backgrounds too. Hopefully positive suggestions and again, love the work and thanks for even bothering!

  2. Suggest away amigo! Camera work has never been my strong suit.