Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I've been too quiet of late

Apologies for dropping off the map, folks.

I started off well, and then knew that the summer would see me with no time for painting. Given that, I wasn't worried when my pace dropped at first. At the tail end of summer/early autumn though, Georgia got some good solid rain and flooding. This ended up affecting my home, and resulted in my being tied up with home repair for the last 2+ months or so.

I've now finally got the house pretty well put back together and can start looking at mini's again. It's a real joy to have the luxury of painting for fun again, but I have to be realistic that I'm unlikely to reach my goal of 52 mini's in the year. Possible, but unlikely.

That said, tonight I sat down and finished 5 mini's that have been languishing for months. I'll try to get some pictures up shortly.

- crowtales

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