Thursday, December 3, 2009

GW, GW and something Wyrd

Fist up is an iron guts for my Ogre Kingdoms army. I have a few more of these suckers left then I can start to work on the gnoblars. This female is from Wyrd. I've essentially had her done all year and couldn't figure out what more I wanted to do with her. The hair has a gloss coat on it.

And... one of the Nazgul. I hope to buy all of them one day. There's just something about the way Games Workshop did these guys up that's awesome. Don't get me wrong, they're muy expensive but it's a rare treat for me to splurge on a GW figure as opposed to say, a weird Avatar of War figure or an Andreas figure that I'll be too nervous too paint.

1 comment:

  1. That chick from Wyrd is pretty cool!

    I don't suppose you have a pic of the Ring Wraith from a better angle? I can't see him too well like this. :)