Sunday, January 25, 2009

Not a sword and board fighter!

Number 4 for the year. This one took much longer than I had intended. Her corset details and the painting of her dress just didn't go as quickly as I'd wanted. I'm really very happy with her, though her face doesn't come out as well in these photos as it does in "person".


  1. There's some amazing detail on this thing. Must be a Reaper by Klocke. I mean, there's a skeletal mouth just south of the hand biting into the staff.

    Nice placement of the rocks. Was this a slot tab figure of did you cut from the base?

  2. The figure came with a "broccoli" base, except that instead of being broccoli-like it is a fairly nice rock-form. I just glued it to the base with some epoxy and added the rest of the rocks.

    And yes, she is a Reaper by Klocke.

  3. Awesome crystal effect on the staff tip. As usual, an incredible job.