Thursday, January 29, 2009

crowtales: 1-10/52 - Privateer Press

Models 1-10 of 52 for me.

Cryx Bile Thralls. Full Unit.

I tend to do a squad at a time, in order to keep things looking similar and to make sure I remember the proper patterns, etc. These aren't super fancy or anything, but then, my mini's are uniformly for gaming - I don't enter contests with em ever. :)

I have, with my latest Cryx purchases, been trying to do a cobblestone feel to the bases. These show that off, though i think the detail is a little lacking.


  1. I like the bases. Did you clip the slot tab and are those slotta bases? Or green stuff sculpted?

  2. I like what I can see ... but I'm greedy. :) Any chance we can get some beauty shots of some of the individuals? Creepy looking flesh on them tho.

  3. the bases are privateer's bases with green stuff sculpted into the depression. I did not clip the slot tab, and you can still see tab running between their feet.

    I can try to get another image. clicking on the image will give you a large version of that one though, which has a pretty good shot of the foreground one.