Monday, January 19, 2009

Nothing like a good cigar

Another fun Ork sculpt. This guy has a welding mask that he lowers when he uses his flamethrower.

But he had the foresight to cut a slot in the mask so he can still smoke his cigar when he does. Love it!

Looking at the pic, I may go back and paint some black burn marks around the tip of the flamers and its exhaust slots there. Yeah, that might be cool.

But anyway, this makes 9. :)


  1. Nice! I like all the boyz you've posted so far.

    I actually have 2 minis done! Photos tonight...

  2. D&D went late, so, for the third day in a row I promise to finally post something!

  3. Oh now you're just teasing us ... bastard.

  4. Update: I did in fact go back and blacken up the vents on the flamer. Looks good. :)