Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Two of the Year!

From Gaming Photos

These two bad boys are horned demons from Paizo's Game Mastery Line. I created the 3.5e stats for them and wrote the mini adventure that featured them, so I always had a soft spot for these guys. My wife took the photo (thanks, hon!).

I speed painted these guys, with a base coat, wash, and then dry brush. One of my goals this year is to get a ton of monster minis painted up for use in my D&D games and for Song of Blades and Heroes, a really nifty skirmish game that I'm itching to play.


  1. The contrast between the fingers and the skin makes him pop. Nine work!

  2. Hells ya, those look awesome. And I never would have guessed those were speed painted.

    Woot, oh illustrious host and leader. :)

  3. Mike-

    What kind of bases are those? They do not look like typical slotta bases?

  4. Hey man,

    The Compleat Encounter minis have plain, round, metal bases cast as part of the figures. I think the Ptolus minis have the same thing, too.