Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flash or No Flash?

The top one is flash. The botton, no flash. The bottom was too dark to see when at the large size. The figure on the left is a Games Workshop metal orc. One day I may do an actual banner for the bastich and maybe dot the eyes with some orange for some contrast to the red. For now (and probably ever), he's done though. The base is cork with pumice paste spread ontop of it.
The one of the right is a drow from chainmail. This figure is another 08... perhaps even 07 that didn't really grab me Still, with the blog here as some motivation, I figured, why not. Just finish the damn thing already.


  1. I think No flash. I think you need to solve the lighting issue differently than going with a flash.

  2. If you go no flash, you'll need/want to get some better lighting. If you go with the flash, you'll want to setup some kind of defuser avoid that glare. Another option is to look at some "post production" work (i.e.: photoshop or GIMP to adjust the light levels, etc)

  3. I'll echo Fergle's comments. A Defuser is what's needed. That light box I linked in the Macrophotography post is easy to do. You can see results using it in my recent post.