Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Miniatures but Related Purchases

Had to see my doctor so figured I'd stop by games Plus again.

The Army Painter cans are barbarian flesh and matt black. I'm always running out of the latter as it is one of my default choices. The barbarian flesh is for some Avatar of War plastic slayers I haven't opened yet but intend to later on this year. The basing material is a simple one but I like the coloration.

On the 'second row' if you will is Vallejo's answer to Games Workshops liquid green stuff. That is pretty cool so I figured I'd see what the competition is doing.

The bases are 40mm armorcast slate. Its a very detailed set and I'll probably be buying more basing material from them.

Lastly, silver, old gold, and white gold vallejo metallic alcohol based paints. I've heard a few good things about them and figured I'd try them out. Alas Games Plus did not have the other gold colors I was looking for but I've heard it's not difficult to shade these with regular washes and inks so that's good news.

Anyone out there pick up anything cool or different?

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