Sunday, January 29, 2012

Malifaux Sorrows and Mega-Mini Warrior Woman Testing

Please let me know which one you think looks better. I'm testing out the different settings on the camera including macro and automatic in this case.

That is the macro.

That is the automatic.

I have the Neverborn Pandora set. My g/f hates miniatures, role playing and other assorted things for herself. She has no problem with me messing with it. However, she does love 'weird' figures like Baby Kade and Candy included in this set so I figure I'll get Pandora and the Sorrows and hell, maybe she'll even try it.

The Warrior Woman is another one from Mega-Mini's pack. She was done mostly with a base coat and a dip in Vallejo Sepia. The Sepia is pretty dark, probalby the equal to Army Painter Strong Tone, and like that Army Painter, does pool up, but not as bad. It also dries matt not shinny but doesn't protect so has to be sprayed down. The dip toned down the sword and leg piece so much I went back in with Mithril Silver to highlight it.

Both pictures were taken at the same time. Both had three lamps; an overhad and one on the left and one on the right.


  1. Both too dark to see details. Need more fill lighting. Are you using a 3 point lighting setup? Macro is better though.

  2. Fill lighting? And yeah, it's a 3 point. One on top and one on each side.