Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Miniature Based Purchases of 2012

So I've already spent some money on the hobby at my 'local' hobby shop, Games Plus. On the left we have some 25mm cobblestone square bases by Micro Art Studio. They have a lot of great bases and conversion bits. I'm not going to use these for my initial plans though. I wanted something to match the Heresy bases I've used on the Black Legion but while these are good, they are too peebly for my needs.

I also picked up a resin cleaning kit from the evil empire. The price wasn't too bad. The brush is longer than the standard other tooth brush in terms of the bristles and the mold cleaning tool has a very solid feel making it easy to use.

Not pictured is the new No Quarter, #39 by Privateer Press as well as the 'Eavy Metal Masterclass book by the evil empire again. It's a compendium of material from White Dwarf magazine but it's all in one place and is an easy reference when you want to see how they did a particular figure.

I suspect with Secret Weapon having a Facebook coupon, I wll be buying their washes soon. I like to support smaller companies when possible.

Anyone else start the year off with some miniature goodness?

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