Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Miniatures of 2012

Another year of crappy pictures. Lighting was good but maybe I need to work on my Macro understanding. Anyway, these are two figures I bought many moons ago when I was going to run some Freeport. They are true 25mm so like like some halfling version of serpent men when sized up to the new figs. I also don't remember the name of the company that makes them.

A skaven slave, I think from the Mordenheim range from Games Workshop. He was about 90% done. I finished off those few parts there were not and threw some basing material on him.

Ah, Red Box Games. They make some 'evil' barbarians that would fit in perfect with a Games Workshop Chaos Marauder army. The base is done with Happy Supukku Broken Earth or Ice base. I'm fairly happy with how this one came out despite the horrible, horrible picture.

Back side shot. Also terrible. Ugh. New Year I'll have to start doing more camera work.


Red Box: 1
Games Workshop: 1
Unknown Company: 2

Off to a good start already.

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  1. Love those Grenadier snakemen! It's a pity they're 25s though...