Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reaper Bones: Cave Troll

Reaper has come out with a new line of figures called Bones. I've mentioned them before. These are white plastic figures that are very low in price compared to their other versions.

I say other versions, because take for example this figure here. As a Bones figure, he is $2.29.

As a prepainted from the Legendary Encounters line, he is $4.29

As a metal figure, $6.99.

The figure I painted? I used the Heavy Gear Blitz back with no primer. The initial coat of paint didn't want to take completely. These require very little diluting on the first level. It makes the paint streak a bit. A few base coats took care of that issue.

In terms of handling, its different. The figure is so much lighter than a normal figure of this size should be you'll find yourself overcompensating a little if you're like me.

The detail is good. Mind you, the talons on the toes tend to sink into the base, but I can't tell if that's because of how the figure originally is or just the Bones version.

Me? I'm working on a gnoll right now from the same line and have a few more of the figures on Order directly from Reaper as my FLSG, Games Plus, has sold out of several of the packs and even some of the online vendors like The Miniature Giant have sold out as well.

If they can keep some new figures coming down the pipe, and the new Reaper catalog mentions that they have thirty already even though there are only previews for the two wizards (one male, one female), I'm hoping to see a few more of the Legendary Encounters make their way to Bones including Vampire, Young Dragon, Giant Spider, Bugbear, Female Ranger, and Minotaur of the Maze, all save the Vampire, I don't own in any form from Reaper.

Anyone else using them? Any opinions?

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