Saturday, April 28, 2012

Latest and last round of Reaper Bones

Okay, I think I'm done with the Reaper Bones experiement. I either have or don't want any of the other bones that are currently available but will be watching the line as it matures.

I've used most styles of paint that I own here and a few mixes of things. The purple worm for example, Army Painter primer and paint. The Gnoll, Vallejo brush on primer and paint. The Troll, Reaper Heavy Gear paint, no primer. The ghost, Privateer Press Paint, no primer. The werewolf, Vallejo Primer with an army painter dip. Yeah, he was a quick one. The three orc archer, mostly old Games Workshop paint, no primer. I was lazy with them for the most part as it was pretty much just a test run.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with them. Some of them are direct tie in to the Warlord Game like the Ghost, who is a named character for Necropolis, and the Gnoll, who works for the Black Orcs. The others are good all purpose miniatures.

I think the best we can hope for now though, is that they get some compexity down. All of these are very simple miniatures. In some ways, they are perfect starter miniatures. That werewolf expecially is good for people who want to learn either drybrushing or dipping or using a wash. Same for the worm, ghost, or troll. Not a lot of different parts, not a lot of bags, pouches, belts, or other distractions. Allows you to get something painted quickly.

At their price point, I think they'll be a great seller for Reaper.

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  1. I saw that you are looking for more complex Bones minis. We are working on it now! Check out the Bones Kickstarter if you haven't already! We have funded, and will have 30 new models and are working toward the fire giants. By the way, Thanks for the review!