Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bones Worm by Reaper

Okay, this is another one of the Bones figures from Reaper that's inexpensive plastic. I primed it with Alien Purple Army Painter. I then used the same paint name by the Army Painter to cover up a few spots that were missed in my initial spray. Good news? From the brushing on, there is very little difference between the paint and primer so that's a win for me. Another plus in the Army Painter side.

I mixed some flat matt white with the alien purple for the under belly and some demonic yellow for those pustles and some gray or another for the base. I then dipped it and let it sit. No drybrushing, layering, or other bits. I wanted to see how the Army Painter's dip would interact with the material. Worked out pretty good afaic. Total time spent actually painting? Not more than a half hour I'd say. The biggest part was waiting for the dip to dry.

I still have to try out my Privateer Press paints on one of these Bones and I do have a warewolf laying around here somewhere with a ghost...

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