Sunday, January 31, 2010

#4: Daughter of the Flame redux

This is a new version of the figure I did here. We use some of these for D&D and the fact that I'd put the original one on a circular 30mm base was an issue. The pose was also not great because it would get tangled up in other minis. So I took another figure from the same set and went at it again. Similar color scheme as you can see, but I went for much brigher versions of the colors.


  1. I hope you don't ge sick of me drooling over how you paint blue.

    LOVE the blue.


  2. I've learned how the color "acts" (well these paints anyways). I'd say that I'm going to try to expand my palette but unfortunately, at least two of the next few projects are using blue as well.

    Hopefully the green on one of my February projects will come out as nice as my blues.

  3. The deep green on your last mini was great, so I am keeping the faith. ;)