Monday, October 26, 2009

Yet More Varied Figures

I like what Mike did with the independent shots but they all came out super blury so they got grouped. This one still came out blury. The one on the left is Sister Angelique from the Anima Tactics miniature Game light starter set. The right is from Mega Miniatures and is a chaos warrior.

Okay, here's the next batch. The first one is Goran of Broadsword Adventurers. Next up is a Hasselfree Chaos Dwarf from an import line. It reminds me of the old Renegade Chaos Dwarves. Man, I'd love to have those again. Can't even tell you what I did with my originals. Next up is an 'able seamen' from Black Scorpion. Last up is a barbarian from Red Box that I reviewed for Kobold Quarterly online. Ullr the Red's tab was way too big so I snipped him and put him on a snow base.

And the last batch is three Iron Winds figures. We've got three figures from well before the start of the year that I finally finished. THe first is a dwarf barbarian that I've had in various stages of completion that I said F it and just finished it. The second is a litorian female for Arcana Evolved that I thought was one of the worst miniatures I've seen. The last is a female rogue who I guess is supposed to be the thief of hearts or something.

Ral Partha/Iron Wind Figs

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