Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hi, sportsfans!

I bet you all thought I forgot, didn't you!

Ok, I did. But not entirely, haha! I might as well dive right in. Actually, first I'll make the excuse that I have been painting, just haven't finished anything. Soon though, soooooooon.

Alright, and our scores for September are:

joegkushner 2
and latecomer Dom C puts 3 on the board.

Which brings the totals to:
joegkushner: 133
gospog: 42
mike mearls: 30
crowtales: 17
joe: 11
Dom C: 3
Kuni: 2
microserf: 1

Well, that's it folks. We're into the final quarter, it's 15 minutes left, time to let it all hang out.


  1. I've got more skeleis and an old school chaos knight but haven't had the time to photo 'em.... yeah, that's the ticket. Nah, work and other stuff has also been kicking my ass!

  2. November will be a huge comeback month for me.

    October is already borked. :(