Monday, June 1, 2009


Well, sports fans, we're almost into summer. May saw a serious drop in paint hitting primer, but Gospog pulled out a massive 6 minis and unseated Mike Mearls from the number two spot. Way to go ... now let's see some more painted lead, folks!

May tally:
joegkushner: 2
gospog: 6
joe: 2

Totals on the leaderboard so far are =
joegkushner: 86
gospog: 24
mike mearls: 23
joe: 11
crowtales: 10
Kuni: 2
microserf: 1


  1. The weather has been far too nice up in Seattle to sit inside and paint. Or at least, that's my excuse for the half-painted minis waiting at my workspace!

  2. Better than my excuse. :)

  3. I was just trying to "stock up" because June and July are going to be way too busy for painting.

    Convention Season is upon us! As it is, I'm hoping to get what I need for conventions painted before those conventions.

    Not. Likely.

  4. I actually hve more minis that I need to photograph. Soon... soon...

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