Wednesday, June 10, 2009

crowtales: 11-15/52 - Privateer Press

MechaniThralls for Cryx, by Privateer Press. Filling out a unit of them in prep for the new MkII rules. Didn't spend any time on the bases this time cause these are done to match my older ones - which also have blank bases.


  1. Love those Mechanithrall models!

    Do you ink their skin? The shadows all look really natural.

  2. thanks for the comment, Gospog.

    The skin is not inked, in fact, these are really basic - as I think the closeup shows.

    black basecoat, a light skintone on top of that, with a darker skin tone wash, allowed to really redden up the sores visible. then top off with a simple highlight pass.

    I try not to get to complicated on em, cause table-quality is fine for me. :)