Wednesday, June 10, 2009

crowtales: 16-17/52 - Reaper's Warlord line

Two more, these are PC's for RPGA characters. A Water Genasi warlord and a Razorclaw Shifter Druid.

I've since rebased both of these on round bases. the square base annoyed me too much on the battlemat.


  1. I like these mini's...i'll have to check out the Reaper site. I can feel my wallet 'thrumming' as I type.

  2. I find that the website doesn't really do justice to them. Luckily I've got a store that carries a decent selection nearby.

    Good luck finding your mini's!

  3. The shifter would be perfect for someone I know. Do you happen to have a model number for that mini? The Warlord line is bigger than I can easily search manually!