Friday, December 31, 2010

Reaper, Games Workshop, Fantasy Flight Games

The last of 2010's fully painted miniatures. I'm sure I have some more sitting around here but...

Starting from left to right:

Dwarf with Hammer: Reaper for the Warlord game. WIll be my Cleric of Kord in a 4e game.

Dwarf behind with bolt: Part of a bolt thrower for the dwarf army. Only missing the actually siege weapon.

Gold Night: Fantasy Flight Games. Bought him to act as a stand in for my character one night.

Minotaur in center: Reaper, mercenary in the Warlord game. Misceallaneous monster.

Librarian: Loved the post and finally painted him up. From Games Workshop for the 40K line.

Knights: Two dudes from the Lord of the Rings game. Saw them out and decided to see how the paint pattern went.

Lets see some more posters and more painting in 2011!


  1. So how many miniatures did you paint up in 2010 and have you set a target for 2011 ? My target is to paint up my Nautican army (but I've had that target for a while now so I'm not sure if I'm holding out much hope of achieving it !)

    Have a Happy blogging and wargaming New Year,

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  2. I have no clue how many I painted. I suppose I should start up a spreadsheet with what I painted and what company it was from. Might be interesting to review at the end of the year which companies got my time, which to me, is far more important than money. My actual target for 2011 is to try and hold off on buying any new miniatures until I get my current collection to managable levels.

    Thanks for posting.