Friday, November 26, 2010

Reaper, Superfigs,Crocodile

Ah Reaper, how I love some of your figs. The first two though, had such damn small integrated bases, that I either needed to saw them off or glue them onto another base. I went with the later option and then used some green stuff to try and mimicik the stone work on the floor. The last one had a standard brocoloi base so I didn't mess with that.

I won an auction on good old e-Bay that came with three of these sinspawn by Crocodille Games for the Pathfinder RPG. They were from the first series, Rise of the Runelords, but make great ghouls as well.

More Superfigs. The two in front are a Flesh Golem and Werewolf. I went with a 'teenage' look on the wolf man with white tee shirt, black belt and blue jeans. The guy in back is mounted on a 2 by 2 base and is some sort of strange sloth alien overlord master. I figure I can use him as some goofy body guard for the Mind Flayers. A mutated quaggoth or something.

Once again, my apologies for the terrible photos. Maybe by the end of the year I'll have things actually set up, but as noted, I've had to start moving a ton of stuff around to make room for the guests the other day and can't just put it back so away it must go.

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