Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crowtales 15-28 of 52: Privateer Press Cygnar - Dipped

Like I said - I've been busy. I have a game day coming up this weekend and I decided I wanted to gather up some of the other forces I have and prep them all for this. I also wanted to test a few techniques in more concerted ways. Thus, the Legion of Everblight stuff is all in a stark mode with Drybrushing as the featured technique.

These Cygnar are using something that I've seen for years but hadn't ever seen done in a way I liked - until a few months ago someone posted a tutorial that looked fantastic. So I decided to try it. I went with The Army Painter's Quickshade (Dark Tone), which is more expensive than traditional dipping using Minwax, but I really was wanting something for mini's especially.

It works easy enough, simply primer and apply the base colors you want - then dip it in the Quickshade. Shake off as much of the Quickshade as you can, and then let it dry. I think the results look pretty damn good for very quickly painted mini's.


  1. pretty damn good indeed, and nice photos too

  2. Looking good, man. On the mechs, did you use metallic paints? and close up, how do you like the dip method on them?

  3. Joe, the Warjack does have some metallics, but not tons. The shinier bits framing it's head are a gold metalic, the front flash on the smokestack is gold, and then the grey is all a platinum silver color from Privateer Press. All the other browns are exactly the same browns used on the cloth in the other models.

    For quickly painted mini's that will look good on the tabletop - I am loving the dip method. Love it! It's bringing out the detail of the models in a way that would take me forever by hand.

    Note though, I don't paint for anything other than my own enjoyment of having a painted army to field when I wargame. These fit that need perfectly - they will look good on the tabletop, uniform, relatively neat and distinguished from each other.

  4. The riflemen are my favorite, I think... but they all look great! From the thumbnails, I couldn't have ever told that they were done with a dip method, either.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that... :)

  5. The coats on the riflemen seem to have really come out nicely with this method. For models with a lot of brown, it seems like an easy decision. :)

    Nice work, man!

  6. @Crow: What kind of lights are you using for the photos?