Sunday, November 8, 2009

Variety is the Spice!

I've had this one in various stages of competion for many a moon. Probably since last year honestly. It's just another one I kept wondering, "why don't I just finish him." He's from Dark Sword Miniatures and they have some fantastic sculpts.

This is a Griffin Templar I believe. It's from Rakcham when they used to do metal. It's one of three. The other two are essentially done, but I can't find their shields. The shields by the way, are terrible in that the contact point is minimal and prone to falling off. I'll probably blue tack it next time it comes off.

Looks like one of the Games Workshop ogres right? Color selection might have a little to do with that in terms of skin tone, but this fellow is from Heresy miniatures. The arms were a huge pia as even after throwing in the green stuff, there were still semi-visible wedges.
This is a goblin chief from Crocodille games for the Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. A ton of 'fiddy' bits on it and it's been in various stages of completion since it first game out. I just got tired of it and finished it off and gave it a quick seal. No point in prolonging the pain. It's a great fig but I'm realizing as I get older that my patience level for fiddy bits is wanning quick.
This skeleton warrior didn't want to be photo shot. I tried like six times before I gave up the ghost. So you get blurry skeleton warrior from Rafm. He's part of a three pack and I've got the other two in various stages of completion as well. Maybe they'll take.

This top row is a group of six 'bulls' from Games Workshop. They are part of an Ogre Kingdom army I've had in storeage for a long time and finally decided to paint. Expect to see many more of these puppies as all the 'block' painting of flesh, cloth and metal is done and the touch ups are happening now.

This is another chaos dwarf from Hasslefree Miniatures. I love the simplicity of it. It's a nice touch without being over complicated by thousands of pouches, bags, miselaneous weapons, etc...


  1. I really like the helmet on the Chaos Dwarf! All good stuff.

    Sorry, I have no links to Ugg boots for you. ;)

  2. I've done a few of the Templars, you could try the following (assuming you can understand what I'm talking about).

    The shields have a circular tab with a hole in it ... meant to pop onto the little spherical button on the shield arm. The problem with using using super glue is that the shield can experience a lot of twisting and SG is not good with that. Neither is green stuff really.

    So I used green stuff and 1) dig out the hole in the shield a bit more with a knife or pin vise. This is at least allows you to get some more of the green stuff in there. 2) figure out what direction the arm is going to lay across the shield button. cut a little furrow into the button parallel to the length of the arm. 3) Cut a similar furrow into the shield arm (don't need a deep one) parellel to the furrow you're going to have in the shield. Basically 2 and 3 should line up when you attach the shield. 4) Prepare a little green stuff, put some in the hole, put a little into the furrows on the shield and arm, just enough so that the green stuff is slightly "out" of the furrow. 5) Put the shield on. A little of the green stuff will probably squirt "out". You can wipe the excess away with a knife or tooth pick immediately, or if you're confident with a knife, you could cut it away later. I suggest doing it immediately. 6) Let the green stuff dry 24 hours.

    All done. Mine haven't popped a shield ... except when I dropped my Templar of Dooooooom. Bastich.