Friday, July 10, 2009

More Updates: Mega-Mini-Skeletons, Chainmail Orc and Reaper Rogue

Okay, let's see.... The one of the left is the 'new' one that I finished sometime last month. He's one layer and a dip as opposed to the one next to him. The dip is why he's so glossy. Note that like the one next to him, the spearhead broke off so I had to bust into my GW bits, cut the head off of a skeleton spear, hollow it out and glue it on.
Mega-Minis strikes again. This first batch is skeleton archers. One layer and a dip.

Reaper miniatures. Very disatisfied with the way this guy came out. Don't know why either just annoys me. Still, I enjoy the base and his stance was 'nature' enough to clip him off his original base and put him on a Wyrd base coming out of the sewers.

Can I get some Axemen here? Four more Mega-Minis (it was a 24 pack) and they are single layer, dip, and done. I put more effort into the base (two drybrushes on the sand after the dip.)

Skeleton Irregulars for the army? Man, the undead from Mega-Mini can't keep in regular line up anymore! I like these guys as they stand out a little from the others.

And yeah, all of them were done last month. I have a new light box but same old camera. For a half hour I forgot about the macro setting on the camera and everything was coming out terrible. Then something clicked and I said... "Oh yeah, macro setting!"

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