Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mega-Minis and Rogue

Okay, these are the last of the bad boys from the initial pack of 25. I bought the bases that go with them so that they would line up better and be easier to move on a grid and have a little more weight. All of these have been done with bone primer (Army Painter), one layer of paint (in 99% of the cases), and the Army Painter Very Strong dip. I like the fact that the pack comes with a lot of grunts, archers, the 'lead' types for army gamers (standard bearer, musician, and champion) as well as some irregulars.

Next up is a rogue. He should look familiar because he's already been painted once by me. I accidentally ordered him twice when Hasslefree was asking for orders but as it's a solid rogue figure, I kept it and painted him up a different manner with a different base.

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