Monday, March 2, 2009

Three More Minis

I took today off as an R&R day after handing in the manuscript for Player's Handbook III. Fittingly enough, I finished off three minis.

From Miniatures

This is a Reaper mini, a ghost I painted up for my Greyhawk campaign. This is a very simply paint job, but it looks good enough on the table. Base colors, wash, drybrush.

From Miniatures

I put a little more work into this guy. He's a Reaper mini, also painted for my Greyhawk campaign.

From Miniatures

This final mini is Ral Partha's envisioning of the jabberwock. A random fun fact about this miniature: it shows up in Warhammer Fantasy Battle third edition, with stats, art, and a guest appearance by the mini in one of the dioramas. I painted this guy up to use as a random demon. I'll probably give it a lightning bolt breath weapon, inspired by the jabberwock from The Bard's Tale.

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  1. Love that truly old school jabberwock. Blood Moon Miniatures has their own version over here