Sunday, October 23, 2011

Unknown Dwarf and Mega-Miniature Warrior Women

I don't even know the miniature company that makes this guy. Might be an old Grenadier or something. He was on a very small base so I used a larger base and some green stuff with a Happy Suppuku texture on it that I then through some winter grass ontop of to cover where the original base and the green stuff didn't quite mesh.

One of the great things about today's modern era is that between companies like the Army Painter, Vallejo, Reaper, and Games Workshop, no one appears to just be standing around waiting for the other guy to drop. The Army Painter has their dips and now Vallejo has their own version that thus far only includes two; black and sepia. The above, all three from Mega-Miniature, were dipped in Sepia.

The Vallejo dries much quicker and dries flat. Useful for those who don't want the shinny miniatures that Army Painter produces. However, you'll still probably need to hit with a coat of protection as the Army Painter does act as protection.


  1. The Dwarf is an old Grenadier, from their "Gold Box" official AD&D line. He came in the Dwarves boxed set and may have been available separately in a blister pack too.

  2. Thank you kind sir! I love some of these older figures for the character they have.

  3. I like the "Renaissance" look of the dwarf. Very cool stuff.