Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Better late than never, I suppose

Greetings everyone! Finally getting back to my Pathfinder game
(season is split for American football) after some heavy duty SAGA
Star Wars play. However, I only really use the awesome WotC
miniatures for that game. Sooo... finally ramping up my mini
painting. I have got three done and at least 10 in the hopper in
various stages of completeness. I'm going to blitz for the finish
line late in the game! :)

The first one was a very rushed rogue for my wife's Pathfinder
Society character (flanking). Had to get it ready by Gen Con (WOOT!) and only had a few hours over three days to do it from prep to

The second here is the figure for one of my players; a Gnome
Bard by the name of Tig.
Last, but not least, is one of the low-level BBEG; Nualia the
demon-touched. Theory is that she is demon-marked and trying to
transform into a demon herself - hence the red hand (canon) and red eye (my "improvement" that I think didn't really work out well).


  1. Hey, hey! Welcome to the fun.

  2. Thank ya!

    I'm just trying out some advanced techniques too, so it's a good time to show some work I suppose. For instance, the hand on Nualia and the jacket for Tig are the third and fourth, respectively, blended item I've ever done.

    I've enjoyed checking out everyone else's work!

  3. Welcome aboard! The Pathfinder minis are pretty sweet. I have the iconic wizard and fighter in my painting queue.

  4. Your bases are wild! Very cool stuff!

  5. Greetings to you both!

    Crocodile games did a fantastic job with those sculpts - I ended up buying them all. They are the only other miniatures I've purchased aside from Reaper.

    Thanks for the kind words about my bases. :) I've been experimenting with the bases for a while now. Trying to get a system that looks good, but is easy to do and doesn't take a ton of time.

    In this case, I picked up some Woodland Scenics Static grass and various sized and colored debris/ballast. Basically I paint the base a realistic-enough base color (like, black if under black gravel in Nualia's or brown if under dirt & grass like in Tig's), cover what I want it to stick to in elmer's glue and dip into a small jar with the color/type mix (such as small & large black ballast or small and medium grey/tan ballast). Going between grass and ballast is obviously doing this twice.

    Really simple, but looks good enough to not take away from the mini so far. I like it a ton more than the ones I did with GW flock in the beginning, at least. :)