Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pre-Heresy World Eaters Land Raider


  1. Thank you. I got it for 1989. This is its' fourth or fifth paint-job.

    It was sitting around unpainted for a long time before this.

    It's nice to have it back on the "raod". :)

  2. Cool. So how many do you have or is this the only tank?

  3. This is my only RT era Land Raider. I'm working on an RT era Rhino and Predator, too.

    And I have two of the ancient metal Land Speeders waiting until I have the time to re-assemble and paint them.

  4. Cool. Did you paint most of these once before then and are you repainting/updating them all now?

  5. Most of these RT era things were painted (poorly) when I was a kid. They were stripped last year or the year before and I'm repainting them as I can.

    Some, like this Land Raider have seen 4 or even 5 paint-jobs over the years. I like this one, though. I think it will be the last one. :P